images of Paradise

In paradise – warriors

We warriors by our destiny …

The Kuruwara (2).

We came not as conquers

but as the guardians of paradise.

We came as the protectors of this divine

kingdom on earth.

Here the golden sands

were caressed by the

gentle slender-liquid fingers

of Neptune in his youth

and as so would a lover

the sun god Surya (3)

kissed the dusky land fertile

the cheek of this maiden

‘Lanka’ and so too the

Flora, the green luxuriant hair of

this celestial beauty

bequeathed to mortals

by Brahma – God

Divine creator.

We thank thee!

Lord god incarnate

on earth

Lord Krishna (1)

Our benefactor, protector, patron

You who guided the chariot our ancestor

Heroic Arjuna archer supreme (1)

bequeathed us paradise.

For we in battle against alien

evil we protect this emerald isle.

With our strength

and sinews.

Thus we spill our blood in sacrifice – ,

in battle

and make her fertile more bountiful

harvest yield …

Grant us this land,

our mother

for eternity.

Extract poem from the ‘Pearls’ re-adaptation of the story of Bizet’s Opera – ‘The Pearl Fishers’ in historical novel format by Ferdinand Salvador

1 Also see ‘The killing of the Sun god – retelling of the Mahabharata’ – in

2 Kuruwara – the warrior mercenaries of the 15th – 17th century AD. The common Ancestors of the ‘artist – author’ and the Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran

3 Surya – Helios the sun god



Scorched by hell’s fire my mind is now

a blank canvas pristine white

erased of all memory,

stretched taught like the skin between your breasts

pulsating with each beating of your heart …

I hear as I rest my head cradled in your arms

and that rhythmic sound evokes your portrait

on my mind and that blank canvas is

painted beautiful … and I have captured you

in my imagination … now and forever

on the white canvas in my mind.